Make Way for Ducklings Synopsis
Mr. and Mrs. Mallard were flying north looking for a place to live and where they could bring up a family. When they got to Boston they found a nice pond in the Public Garden. There were many new things for them to see. There was a huge bird that looked like a swan and people threw peanuts into the water for them to eat. But there were horrid things, too, like bikes. Mrs. Mallard declared that his was no place to bring up babies. Thus they explored other places.

They flew over Beacon Hill and the State House. Since there was no water in Louisburg Square, they decided on a cozy spot in the bushes on the Charles River. Now they were loosing their feathers and could not fly, but they could swim. One day they met a policeman called Michael, who gave them peanuts. After that the Mallards called on Michael every day.

Mrs. Mallard then laid eight eggs. She couldn’t visit Michael anymore as she had to keep the eggs warm.

One day Mr. Mallard decided he’d like to explore the rest of the river and agreed to meet the whole family the following week in the Public Garden.

Mrs. Mallard taught the ducklings to swim and dive and to follow in a straight line.

One day she decided that they should swim behind her to the opposite bank. They waded ashore and started to cross Storrow Drive. All of the cars honked their horns. The Ducklings quacked back. Suddenly Michael appeared, stopped the traffic, and signaled for Mrs. Mallard and her brood to cross. When they were safely on the other side, Michael rushed to his police booth and ordered a car with four policemen to meet him at the corner of Charles and Beacon Streets. The policemen held the traffic back so that Mrs. Mallard and her family could march across the street, right on into the Public Garden.

They swam across the pond across to the little island where they found Mr. Mallard waiting for them just as he had promised.

The ducklings liked their new island so much that they decided to live there. All day long they follow the swan boats and eat peanuts. When night falls they swim to their little island and go to sleep.


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